This is an electronic client ordering system which allows you, as our client, to place orders electronically via the Internet to us. Orders that you placed will be routed by your remisier or dealer to the exchange for execution. In return you will receive confirmations of your orders which are automatically routed back to you via the AmeSecurities.

AmeSecurities is specially designed to make Internet stock trading a fast, convenient, reliable and enjoyable experience for you. Features and benefits include:

  • Real-time Bursa Malaysia quotes and indices
  • Charts
  • Stock Scoreboard
  • Order Placement
  • Order Status Enquiry
  • Intraday Stock Movement Tracker
  • Bursa Malaysia News and Company Announcements
  • Online Statement and Contract Note
  • SMS Order Confirmation
  • Online Payment

Just sign-up for AmeSecurities and you will experience a new and convenient stock trading environment in the comfort of your home, office or any place of your choice, all with just a click of the mouse.

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We offer two types of share trading accounts:
  • Conventional Share Trading Account
  • Collateralised Share Trading Account

These share trading accounts allow investors to buy and sell securities listed on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities) and other recognised stock exchanges. Settlement of trades done on the Bursa Securities is in accordance with the Bursa Securities Fixed Delivery and Settlement System (FDSS). Securities settlement is effected through book entry via the Central Depository System (CDS). As such, investors are required to open a CDS Account through us to facilitate securities settlement.

If you wish to increase your purchasing power, you may convert your Conventional Share Trading Account to, or opt for, a Collateralised Share Trading Account by pledging cash/securities to us.

Salient features of our Collateralised Share Trading Account:

  • We accept shares and cash as collateral.
  • Trading limit extended to you is as high as three times your collateral value.
  • You need to use your own funds to settle your purchases upon settlement date.
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Share Margin Financing is a credit facility offered by AmInvestment Bank Berhad for investors to finance the purchase of quoted securities on the Bursa Securities only, by placing acceptable collateral with us. This facility is suitable for active and sophisticated investors wishing to capitalise on market opportunities and to increase and diversify their investment portfolio.

Additional benefits of our Share Margin Financing :

  • Competitive margin financing terms.

  • An avenue to leverage existing securities to purchase additional securities.

  • Simple and informative monthly statement of account.

At AmInvestment Bank Berhad, we strive to make this service an easy and convenient way for skilled investors to increase their purchasing power and to multiply their investments.

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Services include:
  • Safekeeping of shares deposited/purchased by you.

  • Proper management of segregated funds and/or securities.

  • Collection of dividend/interest income and monitoring of corporate actions for securities kept in custody and registered under AMSEC Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd. or AMSEC Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd. (wholly-owned subsidiaries of AmInvestment Bank Berhad).

  • Monthly custody statement reporting.

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We are an Authorised Depository Agent (ADA) appointed by the Bursa Malaysian Depository Sdn Bhd. (Bursa Depository). As an ADA, we can open depository accounts for investors to facilitate securities trading, setttlement and safekeeping. Other depository services available are securities transfer, deposit and balance enquiry.

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Our International Investor Service (IIS) is specially tailored for investors residing outside Malaysia to trade securities quoted on the Bursa Securities or on other recognised stock exchange(s) by placing a minimum deposit with us. This service consists of a share trading account, an option to invest your cash and custodial service for your securities - all in one integrated account.

The unique features of this service are :

  • Easy settlement: All settlement arrangements will be well taken care of by us.

  • Automatic sweep of your cash in-between equity investments into AmCash Account if you want your money to work hard at all times. The AmCash Account is designed to offer competitive returns and high liquidity. A prospectus will be provided upon request.

  • Security: Your cash and securities will be placed in segregated accounts.

  • Convenience: Monitoring and administration of corporate entitlements will be taken care of.

  • One comprehensive and informative statement summarising all account transactions and securities portfolio.

  • Timely and informative research reports.

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Foreign Investing Services (FIS) provides value-added service for:
  • Investors to trade in foreign securities.
  • Money and securities settlement with foreign brokers.
  • Custody of such foreign securities.
Benefits to the investor:
  • An opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio in various foreign countries (currently available - Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, US, London, Tokyo and Thailand).

  • Hassle-free: You may trade foreign securities through your existing share trading account.

  • Convenience: You can continue to trade foreign securities through your existing dealer's representative.

  • Easy settlement: You will enjoy an added advantage of settling your foreign trade in Ringgit Malaysia. We will handle money and securities settlement with the foreign brokers on your behalf.

  • Reliable custodial service: All foreign securities you have bought and paid will be kept in trust. All corporate entitlements are monitored and administered by AmeSecurities.

  • Monthly consolidated custody statement of all foreign securities held.

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Bursa Malaysia Securities Clearing (Bursa Clearing (S)) had on 3 January 2007 re-introduced Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) to enable the borrowing and lending of securities. Under this new SBL, Bursa Clearing (S) will act as a Central Lending Agency (CLA) whereby it will borrow from lenders and onward lend to borrowers. SBL arrangement is made for only two (2) purposes i.e to settle Regulated Short Selling (RSS) trades and for potential trade failure.

You may become a lender and lend the requisite number of stocks directly to CLA or through an approved Lending Agent. Securities to be lent will be registered and displayed as a lending interest in the Bursa SBL - Lending Pool. Minimum number of securities to be lent is 50,000 units. A lending fee of 2% will be charged by Bursa.

You may become a borrower and borrow stocks only through Approved Participating Organisations. Permitted number of securities to be borrowed is 100 units per securities counter. Once you have deposited sufficient acceptable collateral, you may perform RSS only on SBL Eligible Securities or for settlement of trade failure.

For information, AmInvestment Bank Berhad is now an Approved Borrower and Lending Agent. AmInvestment Bank Berhad will charge a fee for processing both borrower and lender account opening on top of the borrowing/lending fee for each transaction.

For more information on Bursa SBL, you may visit Bursa Malaysia's website as follows: -

Please contact the following AmInvestment Bank Berhad authorized personnel for more information on the above:

Contact Name Contact Number Contact Email
Norliza Ismail 03-2036 2262
Rozita Shahadan 03-2036 2229


With effect from January 2002, our Investment Research is under the purview of our wholly-owned subsidiary AmResearch Sdn. Bhd. Our research team produces regular reports on major companies listed on the Bursa Securities. We also produce daily and weekly newsletters which cover the performance of the Bursa Securities as well as market strategies.

Research studies cover various areas including industry studies, forecasts of economic and financial developments, charting and portfolio strategies. The quality of our research reports and Equity Strategy and Investment Guide is widely recognised by the industry. Among some of the accolades received by us in the year for our research products are:

Survey / Poll Category Rank
The Edge Best Banking and Finance Analyst 1st
The Edge Best Food and Beverage and Tobacco Analyst 1st
The Edge Best Sales Person 2nd
Asia Money Best Local Brokerage 3rd
The Edge Best Overall Analyst 3rd
Asiamoney Best Plantation Analyst 3rd

Our Economic Research Department also produces regular reports on the Malaysian economy. Our research is transmitted on a daily basis to clients and can also be accessed electronically through Reuters, Multex, Bloomberg, First Call-Research Direct and I/B/E/S Trapeze. You can also access our research at our website

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In meeting the needs of our corporate clients, we also offer financial advice which includes:

  • Underwriting services for issuance and placement of securities and Initial Public Offerings.

  • Placement of securities locally and internationally.
  • Corporate advisory and equity restructuring.
  • Advisory services on takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.
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