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 Y. Bhg. Dato' Azlan Hashim is the Deputy Chairman of AmAssurance  Berhad, AMMB Holdings Berhad including its subsidiaries AMFB Holdings  Berhad, AmProperty Trust Management Berhad, AMIL and AmMerchant  Bank Berhad. He is also Director of AmBank Berhad. Dato' Azlan Hashim is  a member of the Company's Audit and Examination Committee.

 Dato' Azlan served with the Malayan Railways from 1966 to 1971, and  was its Chief Accountant for two years. In 1972, he became a Partner of a  public accounting firm, Azman Wong Salleh & Co., and was a Senior  Partner of the firm prior to joining the Board of AMDB in 1982.

He also serves on the boards of various companies including as Deputy Chairman of AMDB, Executive Vice Chairman of Arab-Malaysian Corporation (AMCORP), as Director of Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad, Paramount Corporation Berhad, Metrod (M) Berhad, Sapura Motors Berhad and Kesas Holdings Berhad.

Dato' Azlan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ireland), Fellow of the Economic Development Institute, World Bank, Washington, D.C., USA and a Certified Public Accountant. He is also a Fellow of Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia.


 Mr Cheah Tek Kuang, JP, is a Director of AMFB Holdings Berhad (formerly  known as Arab-Malaysian Finance Berhad) and is the Managing Director of  AmMerchant Bank with effect from 14 January 1994. He is also Director of  AMMB Holdings Berhad (AHB) and sits on the Boards of other companies  within AHB and represents AmMerchant Bank on the Boards of Financial  Park (Labuan) Sdn. Bhd. and Fraser Securities Pte. Ltd. Singapore.

 Mr Cheah is a member of the Employees' Provident Fund Board. He has also  been elected as a Director of AmFinance Berhad (formerly known as MBF  Finance Berhad).

Mr. Cheah is a Fellow of the Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia.


 Encik Mohamed Azmi Mahmood joined AMFB Holdings Berhad (formerly  known as Arab-Malaysian Finance Berhad) as an Accountant. Over the  years, he rose to become Senior General Manager. In 1989, he was  seconded by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to First Malaysia Finance  Berhad as its Chief Executive Officer in a rescue scheme of the finance  company. In January 1991, he rejoined AMFB Holdings Berhad and was  promoted to Managing Director on 1 August 1994. He has 20 years of  experience in the banking industry.

 Encik Mohamed Azmi is a Director and Audit Committee Member of Credit  Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad, Cagamas Berhad, Malaysian Electronic Payment System (1997) Sdn. Bhd., AmSecurities and AmAssurance. With effect from 4 September 2001, he has been appointed as the CEO of AmFinance Berhad (formerly known as MBF Finance Berhad) and as a Director of AmBank Berhad with effect from 26 November 2001.

Encik Mohamed Azmi is also a Council Member and Honorary Treasurer of the Association of Finance Companies of Malaysia and has been appointed as a Council and Committee of Institute of Bankers Malaysia. He is also a Fellow of the Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia.


 Mr Lee Siang Chin was appointed as Managing Director of AmSecurities in  October 1986. He has since resigned as Managing Director but remains as  Director of AmSecurities and FSPL.

 Mr Lee is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England and  Wales) and a Member of the Malaysian Association of Certified Public  Accountants (MACPA) and MIA.

 Prior to joining AmSecurities, he worked in Corporate Finance for 13 years  in leading merchant banks in London, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. His last position before joining AmSecurities was General Manager of AmMerchant Bank's Corporate Finance Department.

He has been a member of the Investment Panel of the Social Security Organisation of Malaysia (SOCSO) since 1992. He was a Management Committee member of the Association of Stockbroking Companies Malaysia (ASCM) from 1995-1998 and was its President from May 1998 to January 1999.


 Mr John Tan Giap How joined AmSecurities in October 2005 as Head of  Institutional Sales and was subsequently appointed to the Board of  AmSecurities on 1 December 2005.

 He holds a Dealer's Representative licence issued by the Securities  Commision under the Securities Industry Act, 1983.

 Mr Tan has more than 21 years of experience in various capacities with  stockbroking companies in Malaysia and Singapore.He was the Chief  Executive Officer of the then Smith-Zain Securities Sdn Bhd for six years  from 1997 to 2002. Prior to joining AmSecurities, he was the Executive Director, Dealing, of Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn Bhd from January 2003.


 Mr Lee Yew Kin joined AmSecurities as General Manager, Operations in  June 1993 and was subsequently promoted to Senior General Manager,  Operations and Retail Business in August 1995.In January 2000 he was  appointed as the Executive Director Operations.

 His early career was with AmMerchant Bank. Prior to joining AmSecurities,  he was with AMCB where he served for 12 years since 1981 and held  various positions, the last being General Manager, Operations. He is a  MACPA member.


 Prior to joining AmSecurities on 1 April 1995, Encik Shaharuddin Hassan  was attached to AmMerchant Bank since 1987, holding various positions  such as Financial Accountant/Management Accountant, Manager -  Investment Operations and Manager - Finance before assuming the  position of Chief Executive Officer/Senior Manager of AMPTM in 1992, his  last held position.


 En. Sharkawi Alias, a Malaysian, aged 59, he holds a Degree of Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple, London, 1971.

Previously , he had served as the Director of Corporate Resources Division, Securities Commision Malaysia from January 2000 to March 2003 and Market Supervision Division, Securities Commision Malaysia from 1997 to 1999.

En. Sharkawi Alias had served in various positions in the Judical & Legal Service, Malaysia from 1971 to 1982. He had been a Board member of Cement Manufacturers Sarawak (CMS)


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